Our volunteers are our NGO hearth, because it´s their collaboration what lets us make all different tasks that let us give horses their identity, dignity and quality of life to abandoned, mistreated or abused horse

What is to be a Horse Guardian?

As a part of this horse guardian team ou could change an abused horse life… or some of them!

You could help daily to give old and thinner horses their breakfasts, to stand up horses that can´t make it by themselves, help in every treatment to hospitalized horses: it may be to heal wounds, put bandages, physiotherapy, to take vital parameters, to attend night watch, contribute with new ideas, help with collections and visits, cleaning the stables, make the tour to watch over horses welfare, give medicines, etc.

You won´t be alone! You will always be with the veterinarian on duty, who will teach
you to help in every needed procedure.

¡Turn your will into action!

We ask you to read carefully and responsibly this information about our volunteering program.