No more horse slaughter!

Horse slaughter is one of the reasons for horse theft in our country. Recently stolen horses are sold to be used in carriages, and the ones that are not useful for carrying are sold to copers.  They forge permissions and hide stolen animals, taking them to terrifying death, providing exportations to Europe.


Argentina, curiously, does not have horse breeding for slaughter and, at the same time, is one of the biggest horse meat exporters.


Breeding horses for slaughtering is not profitable because of the long time it takes the horses to grow and to reach a useful weight and because of the costs of daily feed and maintenance.  So, how does the slaughterhouses owner fit the fee? Part of the horses that go to slaughter is legally bought in auctions and fairs; they are old, hurt and discarded animals, from haras and sports. They also come from “blood farms”, where they draw blood from pregnant mares in order to get an expensive fertility hormone called PMSG (eCG).


These horses records are used to whitewash the stolen ones.


Considering that most of these horses have received medications (what makes its meat not able to be eaten by humans), monitoring should be made by authorities, but it is not. This occurs in slaughterhouses, both legal and illegal; these ones mix horse meat in cheaper cold cuts to be sold in poor areas.



Slaughtered horses in EU approved slaughterhouses must apply for health standards and animal welfare, in its transfer and in their slaughter timing, but when this controls are made, diseased animals are hidden from the auditors and it is well-known that they are cruelly moved and transferred. They are systematically tortured in the slaughterhouses until they are killed.


They are kept outdoors, under the rain, hoarfrost or scorching sun, and they won´t be attended if the suffer; even foals are left agonizing when they are born, because pregnant mares can´t be slaughtered.

Mafia squatters’ deals move big amounts of money, and it works all over Buenos Aires province, with worst areas than others. Squatters steal horses and work for copers, who are authorized to provide horses to slaughterhouses.

We must fight to end this torture. We want the slaughter ban all over our country.

Europeans must know what they´re eating.

Let´s remember that our homeland was made on horseback.

You can sign HERE to ask for SLAUGHTER BAN