Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center
Horse Rescue and Rehabilitation Center
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About us

We´re a nonprofit organization that works everyday on abused, neglected horses rehabilitation, which are rescued in emergency, mistreatment or abandon situations.
We aim to raise awareness to finish with the abuse of working horses and their slaughter. We don’t receive any help from government or any institution; our only support are donators. Let´s know us.

Horse hospital

We give high quality veterinary attention to each mistreated horse with ethics, empathy, fellowship, trustiness and social responsibility.

Training, Workshops and Visits

We make workshops and trainings for all our volunteers, rescuers, veterinaries and people interested on horses’ welfare and care. We organize benefit visits-days, when people can come to see our work live and understand what rehabilitation of a mistreated horse is really.


You can turn your will into action!

You can become a horse guardian, being part of CRRE, helping us to return them identity, dignity and quality of life. You can join us since the rescue until their complete recovery. 

Join the herd!



Your contribution lets us afford food, transfers, medication and veterinary attention. Donations are vital to keep our efforts. Any amount helps!!

Be a sponsor

Our sponsors are essential part of our work, because their monthly contribution makes us afford food, medications, clinical studies and every rescued horse treatment.

If you are interested in being a sponsor, you can choose your sponsored horse, or you can donate an amount every month by clicking here


Open your home and give a place to a rescued horse and discover how you can form a unique bond with a special being.

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