About us

We´re a nonprofit organization that works everyday on abused, neglected horses rehabilitation, which are rescued in emergency, mistreatment or abandon situations.

At this time we have more than 50 horses with different and complex pathologies.


We count with a center ready to attend horses in emergency and extended decubitus situations. Their recovery and rehabilitation is vital so they can be reinserted in responsible forever homes, so that we could help another horses that still wait for freedom.

We are pioneers rescuing horses that had to be amputated, so that we are one of the few centers in the world that enables horses to live with three legs, giving them a quality of life similar to a not disabled horse.

We aim to raise awareness to finish with the abuse of working horses and their slaughter.


We have rescued more than 600 horses during the 6 years we´ve started our center.

You can also be part… Join us to save lives!!

Horse Hospital

Our mission is give high quality veterinary services to every rescued horse, with ethics, empathy, fellowship, trustiness and social responsibility.

At this time, we have a rescue center where we are able to make treatments to each patient. However, our goal is building a hospital there, where surgeries and complex treatments could de done without new transfers. We have a highly trained professionals team of 6 veterinarians, more than 5 assistants for each guard and external specialists (dentist, ophthalmologist, anesthetist) with infrastructure and equipment for these cases.

Professionals in charge:

All procedures and treatments realized in our Center are preset in protocols prepared for our work team formed by:

  • Juan Nuñez: Chief veterinarian and equine sonographer
  • Anabel Campos: podiatrist and farrier
  • Pablo Andres: veterinarian
  • Matías Saldaño: veterinarian
  • Mariano Coslovich: veterinarian
  • Florencia Sampietro: NGO president
  • Ornella Madrazo: Volunteering and assistants chief
  • Anahi Zlotnik: veterinarian and homeopath
  • Gabriel Borniego: veterinarian and horse dentist.

Training, Workshops and Visits

We aim to raise awareness in society through visits to our Center, lectures in schools, educational camps, courses offered by professionals, trainings to firemen and policemen  and other kind of diffusion activities like fairs and working days of awareness.


Educating about the correct treatment to horses, making visible the abuse they suffer.

Both our veterinarians and volunteers are constantly attending workshops and trainings. Our veterinarians prepare courses aimed to protectionists, assistants, veterinary students, owners or people interested on horses welfare and emergencies behavior.